SOTT | Friday, September 25, 2020

1:35 PM

#SOTT: picking a favourite @prince album is pointless, since the standards were so mind-bogglingly high, but this stands-out as a universal high-water-mark in his life. I remember so many trips to the shops to turn this album over in my hand and look at it until I could afford it, and finally listening to the beast with the lyrics in my hands. Who the heck has time to do that anymore? I am pretty excited about the book in this package, and the unreleased material, but really, I want to hear the remastered sound, because the original is terrible. This still cannot mask the album’s genius and proves his point that people will forgive the sound on the strength of the material. #signofthetimes #signothetimes #signothetimessuperdeluxe #vinyl #prince #superdeluxeboxset #1987