Bobby Singh and Project Allroad | Sunday, May 28, 2017

1:24 PM

Bobby scanning the system for errors… Also, you can now get wifi/Bluetooth adapters for the COM sockets on your car and send error messages to your phone, and reset them too :) #projectallroad #audi #allroad #tuning

Dension Bluetooth | Friday, May 26, 2017

10:44 PM

So this is the story of how you modernize an 11-year-old car, bit by bit. The engine has been remapped to bring it up to modern spec, more power, no smoke. Next: audio. While a six-CD autochanger was whoopie-doo twenty years ago, it’s a bit crap now. But step forward #Dension with a little black box that provides #Bluetooth and #IPhone functionality. Just need to wire it in. 1. Remove autochanger from glove compartment and detach optical cables. 2. Realize that entire glove compartment needs to come out. 3. Need to find a switched 12V feed from the passenger side fuse box. Put an extra feed in from the mirror supply. 4. Discover that mirror switches off too early so find an alternative feed. 5. Earth unit on a handy spot. 6. Plug optical loop back together and reassemble car. 7. Look forward to 17-hour drive to Italy next weekend. #projectallroad #audi #allroad #a6

2006 Audi Allroad 3.0 | Tuesday, May 16, 2017

8:56 AM

And Project #Allroad begins! Found a far-too-cheap #Audi with a phenomenal spec and it’s time to get it sorted. Ace tuner Bobby Singh already found a burnt-out relay causing cut-outs which #Germantech could figure out. Garages. Rubbish. It’s at Bobby’s now for a #remap and boost sensor replacement to push it to 300HP, followed by some new tie rod ends and some other suspension de-squeakification. The biggest bonus of having the fuelling remapped is not the extra 70HP, but getting rid of the horrible polluting diesel smoke. Diesels on the road are so badly-tuned, disgusting vehicles with black smoke pouring out. They don’t need to be like that. Cars are polluting enough without making them worse.