SAMPHA | Tuesday, December 5, 2023

8:55 PM

#SAMPHA: a sterling, A-grade gig from him and his magnificent band, plus a few solo bits. Breathtaking, really, and uncopyable. Caught him afterwards, as Jasemin is his older brother’s bestie, so got to personally thank him and have a brief chat while the crowd of groupies and autograph hunters hovered #berlin #southlondon #mordenboy #samphaberlin

HOLOCAUSTMEMORIAL | Sunday, August 15, 2021

8:29 PM

#HOLOCAUSTMEMORIAL: walking through, one is quickly engulfed by the stones becoming bigger even as the floor slopes down. While considering those memorialized, I also admire how #Germany - well, West Germany, at least - has continuously engaged in deep reflection and reckoning with their past in a way very few countries have. #berlin #holocaust #memorial