billcosby | Sunday, April 29, 2018

9:50 PM

Oh dear, oh dear, time to take these off the shelves and hide them somewhere. I have a LOT of Bill Cosby albums that I bought, mostly between 1988 and the early 1990s. What a let-down. We have to find a way of separating these terrible people from their great work, but until then, away with you. #billcosby #vinyl #cosby

billcosby | Monday, January 4, 2016

10:24 PM

The admissions of #billcosby are a great disappointment, and I hope justice is served, but I remain a fan of his work. When I was younger, I bought a lot of his albums from #hmv on Oxford Street, and they’re popping up here and there as I rummage. This is #200mph, one entire side of a cracking skit about him buying an #accobra from #carrollshelby. #Cosby was so scared of the car it went straight back to #acmotors. Epilogue: the man who bought the car crashed it over the side of a cliff and perished along with the car.