BILLINGHAM550 | Tuesday, August 9, 2022

9:32 PM

#BILLINGHAM550: I’m packing up to leave the UK, and this beast is still with me. 30 years ago, @dgovarnie and I went shopping to buy him a guitar and me a camera bag. I don’t know if that guitar is still alive but this bag, the venerable Billingham 550 definitely is. Needs a service and a replacement end pocket but it’s still carting my camera gear or my clothes, depending on the occasion. £150 in 1992. They’re still making it! £689 in 2022! I don’t think I have anything else from when I was 18, do you? #camerabag #madeinbritain #billingham

billingham550 | Saturday, April 2, 2016

7:40 PM

Belatedly forcing leather balsam into the straps of my intrepid #billingham550 even though it might be too late. Like many brilliantly-made things, it can survive anything but neglect. 25 years old, cost £149 from #Jessops in #Hanley. Still in production at an eye watering £529. Who would pay that much? No use as a #camera bag anymore but a cracking travel companion. #billingham #billinghambag #photography #leather

Billingham | Saturday, August 15, 2015

10:05 PM

Many years ago, I was stupid enough to use a #Billingham #550 as my daily camera bag. It broke my back and shoulders. Who needs so much crap? Great bag, though. Better as a travel bag. Totally waterproof, stood it in the sea once. Paid £149.99 for it at Jessops in Hanley back in 1992. That was mad expensive then. I think they still make it.