Peg | Sunday, October 29, 2017

11:06 PM

Waiting a long time to see The Dan but totally worth it. Too musically complex for most crowds but there’s no arguing with the guitar lines and melodies. Amazing. Was hooked by the second song I heard of theirs, #Peg, when I was around 18-19, and that was it. Any time you read a list of ‘XXX Greatest Evah,’ just find out if they ever played in the #SteelyDan band. If not, they probably don’t belong in the list. #bluesfest #jazz #RIPWalterBecker

dayyyyymmnnn | Sunday, October 29, 2017

8:41 PM

Well, #dayyyyymmnnn, #DoobieBrothers are awesome and played their greatest hits, both of them. I work in tech, so it’s quite amazing to see seven competent people all at the same time working so well together. #bluesfest #steelydan