THECITY | Thursday, September 7, 2023

12:45 AM

#THECITY: it’s 9pm on a Friday in November 2008, we’re a month-and-a-half from Lehman Brothers collapsing and everyone is still nervous as hell about the global financial crisis. They could care less about another photographer. #london #bankofengland

OMNIFARIOUS | Tuesday, September 5, 2023

7:54 AM

#OMNIFARIOUS: the @southbankcentre has been a favourite spot of mine for decades, and despite being busier than ever, they have retained the openness to the public that they’ve always had. The large mirrors on the lower floor attract practicing dancers; nooks, crannies, expanses - spaces for everyone to hang out. It’s hardly a well-kept-secret, but there are few buildings anywhere which let you feel part of something bigger while you do your thing.