TRILEMMA | Thursday, October 12, 2023

8:09 PM

#TRILEMMA: actual conversation with @vtwingrin began as follows, “I only want to have two cameras in London but there’s six cameras I want to take”. And the result is that I’m taking the holy trinity of three cameras I originally packed anyway 🙄 - the T2, G2 and Q2. There appears to be some kind of naming scheme that has tapped into my gear acquisition syndrome. (Does anyone know of any others that might fit) #camerabag #contax #leica #contaxt2 #contaxg2 #leicaq2

BILLINGHAM550 | Tuesday, August 9, 2022

9:32 PM

#BILLINGHAM550: I’m packing up to leave the UK, and this beast is still with me. 30 years ago, @dgovarnie and I went shopping to buy him a guitar and me a camera bag. I don’t know if that guitar is still alive but this bag, the venerable Billingham 550 definitely is. Needs a service and a replacement end pocket but it’s still carting my camera gear or my clothes, depending on the occasion. £150 in 1992. They’re still making it! £689 in 2022! I don’t think I have anything else from when I was 18, do you? #camerabag #madeinbritain #billingham