TRILEMMA | Thursday, October 12, 2023

8:09 PM

#TRILEMMA: actual conversation with @vtwingrin began as follows, “I only want to have two cameras in London but there’s six cameras I want to take”. And the result is that I’m taking the holy trinity of three cameras I originally packed anyway 🙄 - the T2, G2 and Q2. There appears to be some kind of naming scheme that has tapped into my gear acquisition syndrome. (Does anyone know of any others that might fit) #camerabag #contax #leica #contaxt2 #contaxg2 #leicaq2

contax | Thursday, December 27, 2018

11:40 PM

I use my old Contax T2 for crappy snapshots to put in the family album, because those are the shots that should be there, but the dial has been dodgy for years. I figured I would pick up a spare one for parts, like I do with all my old cameras, especially Contaxes because the electronics fail. So this £50 camera has turned into a frickin’ £700 camera overnight and I have NO IDEA WHY. The same thing happened to my G2 but luckily I’d picked up spares and parts by then. The guy in Aperture doesn’t understand either. If they break, good luck fixing them. They’re dead without parts. I bought this almost twenty years ago and it was pretty worthless, but a steal. Anyway, it’s a lovely camera and staggeringly simple to use, if anyone wants to borrow it to try out, let me know! #contax #contaxt2 #filmphotography #compactcamera #t2 #film