KASHMIR | Saturday, October 31, 2020

9:36 PM

#KASHMIR: after @vtwingrin asked after a video made in 2004, I ended up gathering a billion CDs and DVDs from my mother’s to look for old material. And found the RAW files from Kashmir that I’ve not touched since I shot them in 2005. I’d been trying to get to Kashmir for over a decade at this point, but was constantly fobbed off my relatives on spurious grounds, until I was finally able to do it myself. And you can understand why they’re fighting over it. It truly has the most staggering natural beauty and photographs barely do it justice, including this one. The place is not especially stable, and YMMV, but it won’t stop me if I ever get a second chance. I don’t know what the poor people of Kashmir ever did to deserve being trapped between three hideous human rights abusers seeking to outdo one another. #india #crown #lineofcontrol