RICHMONDPARK | Monday, November 29, 2021

1:12 AM

#RICHMONDPARK: for someone unencumbered with mass, I have a lot of static inertia when in bed or on sofa, but I staggered into the park for the time in ages, hoping the cold would deter the lukewarm Insta crowd - it did - and the deer were so relaxed I didn’t spot them until I was almost among them. I am not a fan of zoom lenses, quite the opposite, but I concede that modern cameras makes their lack of speed irrelevant. And modern software fixes their compromises perfectly. #canon #5d4 #deer #landscapephotography #richmond #visitrichmond

QUEENSROAD | Friday, July 31, 2020

11:23 AM

#QUEENSROAD: my perfect way of enjoying #RichmondPark is with a #bicycle and to stray off the main road whenever possible, partially because the road is most likely place to meet inconsiderate road users, but also because one must explore. We followed this small herd of #deer - safely, with binoculars - down from the woods just past the Dip Pond. #park #lockup #nature #london #richmond #explore #exploremore

RICHMOND | Monday, October 28, 2019

6:05 PM

#RICHMOND: some of the deer just do not care that you’re on a bicycle and trying to get home, it’s their manor and they’ll just walk out like a drunk pedestrian fiddling with their phone, knowing that it’ll hurt you more than it’ll hurt them if you don’t drop an anchor #richmondpark #deer #cyclinghome #bicycle