TRIBES | Friday, April 2, 2021

9:57 PM

#TRIBES: several days after bulldozers arrived - at 4am - and demolished their village in #Vijaypur, the villagers were planning a tribe to visit the Ajay Badoo, the district collector - a magistrate - to complain and asked if I would meet them there. I was just a photographer but the actions of the authorities were outrageous, and I understood the power an external observer could have. A 350km trip from their village. I spoke with their chief about their plans, “Only a few of us will be able to, the women cannot come, who will look after the children?” Two days later… every able-bodied woman in the village is at the office, carrying the children in their arms. #india #gujarat #demolition #tribes #nomads #womenandchildrenfirst #mehsana