JALEBI | Saturday, November 14, 2020

1:08 PM

#JALEBI: I harbour a deep dislike for most Indian sweets - they’re denser than tungsten - but there’s a few exceptions. These are made by deep-frying plain flour batter and soaking them in sugar syrup, and the description is enough to kill you, let alone eating a box-full. It’s found across Persian countries, where it basically originated, but only India makes them bright orange and crispy. Your humble correspondent feels that they improve after a few days once the sugar crystallizes and they become a bit softer. #diwali #sweets #type2diabetes

HAPPYDIWALI | Saturday, November 14, 2020

12:05 PM

#HAPPYDIWALI: pt. 1. Begins with an early-morning trip to pick up sweets (and snacks), and naturally every customer is buying kilos and kilos, so the queue is deceptive. #diwali #jalebi #sweets