VANMOOF | Sunday, June 28, 2020

4:42 PM

#VANMOOF: @vanmoof #London are brilliant, excellent customer service. When the bike went pop they were able to get an Addison Lee van sent out to collect it during #COVID-19, and then rang some days later to simply say they would replace the bike instead of having to wait for a long while to obtain parts. Amazing. Spent my day getting over to the store and collecting the replacement, rode it back to the car in Pimlico, performed great. But arrive at home in Richmond, and the replacement is borked. “16 err” it blinks, even after two resets, and goes nowhere. Massively, massively deflated after everyone’s efforts in getting bike back to the store, swapping over all my accessories, etc. The customer service is great. But they can’t help the reliability. #sigh #ebike #vanmoofx2

X2electrified | Sunday, August 25, 2019

10:40 PM

First few days with the new ride are overwhelmingly positive, perhaps too much assist even on the lowest power setting but a perfectly good bike with no assist, too. Fiddly controls at first due to forgetting everything the nice man in the shop told me, but quickly acclimatized. Front carrier attached to frame and not handlebars so has no effect on handling. Seat needs adjusting a tad, handlebars need raising, but they advised that the shop should do this. Thanks @vanmoof #X2electrified #vanmoofx2 #ebike #bicycle