Machinal | Saturday, June 1, 2019

8:05 PM

When I saw that @natalieabrahami had a new show, and then discovered that I’d seen loads and loads of Ben & Max Ringham’s work going back to Shunt, I was excited. I bloody loved #Machinal. However, I did not like #TheWriter @almeida_theatre by #EllaHickson. Not at all. But I’m glad I booked #ANNA, because I’ve not felt this tense and nervous in any theatre show since forever. It’s a fascinating experience with so much going on, and an absolute must-see, despite a thin and unlikely plot. All the action takes place behind glass, the audience are all wearing headphones and can only hear from Anna’s perspective. So good. Set in an East Berlin apartment in 1968. Go while you can, this is a very hard play to stage, so it might never happen again. @nationaltheatre #london #theatre