RADIOGRAM | Tuesday, February 2, 2021

6:55 PM

#RADIOGRAM: so, this has arrived, a 1961-ish #Ferranti #SRG1073. As the name suggests, it combines a radio with a gramophone, in this instance, a #Garrard #autoslim with a stacking spindle for playing your singles. At 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm. I’ll have to dig some of those out. Things are working but the radio and turntable both need an overhaul but should work perfectly when I’m done. Not sure whether to keep or sell on, since the glossy lacquer is still beautiful on the top and sides, and it’ll never take the place of my stereo… someone else will love this delightful piece of furniture once I’m done though… More close-ups soon. #radio #stereo #vintagehifi #vintagestereo