WEBDESIGNER | Monday, June 19, 2023

12:06 AM

#WEBDESIGNER: one is not allowed to wash one’s own car at home - presumably to prevent contaminating of the watercourses with detergents and car muck - oils, brake dust, etc - and instead redirect that to professional establishments where these may be filtered out and processed properly. It also results in a LOT of filthy vehicles around. #Germany

AUTUMN | Thursday, October 20, 2022

12:49 AM

#AUTUMN: #Hamburg is quite beautiful, instead of the many parks we have in London, the entire city is lined with trees. The parkland at #PlantenUnBlomen is particularly well-kept, the Japanese garden only augmenting it rather than being a highlight. The (largest in Germany) open-air ice rink should be coming soon, and then there’s a bit of a fight to turn it back into a giant #rollerskate park from April to September, as the new surface isn’t skate-friendly… #Germany #park #leicapower #summilux

HOLOCAUSTMEMORIAL | Sunday, August 15, 2021

8:29 PM

#HOLOCAUSTMEMORIAL: walking through, one is quickly engulfed by the stones becoming bigger even as the floor slopes down. While considering those memorialized, I also admire how #Germany - well, West Germany, at least - has continuously engaged in deep reflection and reckoning with their past in a way very few countries have. #berlin #holocaust #memorial

messograf | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12:09 AM

I thought I had lost it, but after many months, it has reappeared! This is a #messograf pen, from #germany, but it is really a pocket #vernier calliper, which allows for very accurate measurements. This is how it works - measuring the width of an iPhone cable. The first notch gives you the rough measure. It’s 3mm plus. Then, you look to see which of the other notches is mostly closely in perfect line with the measuring scale. It looks like the 8th one. The cable is 3.8mm in diameter. #stationery