motordrive | Saturday, August 15, 2015

9:04 PM

So this little threaded cover is for the #motordrive connection on the #F3HP, and I bought spare from eBay years ago for a fiver or something. I thought I’d lost mine, and wanted the #MD-4 off because it was too heavy (eight AA batteries alone in there) and rang #graysofwestminster to enquire about a new one. £65. I #laughed. They said, “it’s rare.” Utter, utter #bastards. They’re my nearest camera shop, I’ve spend thousands there over the years, but that was the moment I realized that they don’t give a toss about actual photographers, instead they’re a dealer of artefacts, driving prices up like Foxtons. I’ve never been particularly impressed with their vaunted #customerservice over and above many other shops - I expect the magazines award those epithets to their biggest advertisers. #sigh