AHA | Sunday, November 15, 2020

5:01 PM

#AHA: Finally, an affordable and acceptable way to stash speaker cable! Ultra-flat copper with a sticky back, I’ll smooth it in with a touch of filler and paint the wall at some point. It’s unshielded, like speaker cable generally, sounds great, and €15 for 5m, and €15 for four connectors. Also comes in tracks of four, if I wanted to bi-wire the speakers. Neato. #endlessdiy #hifi #continuousimprovement #kaizen

Amplifier | Friday, March 15, 2019

7:59 PM

#Amplifier being scrubbed before it goes to a new home. Vacuumed and cleaned, contact cleaner on all the switchgear, has come up a treat. A classic, bought it off a guy whose housemate had run out on the rent, so they were flogging anything he had left behind. It’s a lovely amp, huge warm sound. Enjoy @rjcrookshank! #Pioneer #A400 #hifi #audiophile

audiophiles | Saturday, January 5, 2019

11:58 AM

#audiophiles look away now / I’ve never been that happy with the sound of my #Naim #Uniti, blaming the speakers, but I routed it through the 1990 #Pioneer #A400 that I had abandoned at @red_martinsen and #HolyForkingShirt suddenly everything is #awesome! How did this happen? Maybe the speakers just aren’t good for the Naim? Lovely B+W P5 speakers were free, Pioneer plus a Rotel 855 was £80 from Gumtree decades ago and venerable #Rega #P3 still doing the goods. Budget sounds FTW. #hifi #audiophile #turntable #amplifier