BLM | Tuesday, June 23, 2020

1:28 AM

#BLM: this is my little music/African-American culture bookshelf. You may borrow these, I recommend #IcebergSlim and #HueyNewton to begin with. The sudden explosion in the #blmmovement is amazing and emotional, certainly for me, having grown up in a viciously racist England and watched many things change, yet stay the same. It’s easier to be brown than black, although I wouldn’t put a number on it, and the idea than anyone should feel pity or sorry for those affected by racism is a waste of time. I don’t have any kind of sense of inferiority or self-pity whatsoever. And those who know me will laugh, too. Direct the emotions at racism itself, using this handy list to identify it. 1) Traditional biological racism - in which I’m just clearly inferior. 2) Ethnocentrism - in which I am a threat to the in-group’s culture and habits. 3) Symbolic Racism - a modern form of anti-black feeling, attitudes and behaviours, in which I no longer face discrimination, my failure to progress is my own fault, and I’ve gotten more than I deserve. 4) Aversive - in which they will not engage with me and simply turn away. 5) Dominative - in which I am pushed away or dealt with violently. Collect the whole set! #fightthepower #kleinpenning #hagendoorn #socialpsychology #maybe2020wontbesobad