Contax G Goldpfeil Bag (For Sale?)

This bag is a real gem, I can’t believe I’m still using it after decades. It’s very functional, with four pockets/spaces for pens, cameras, paper and I can actually fit a 13-inch Macbook Pro in too, as well as the Contax G and three lenses. Or a Leica M, or Q2, etc. Beautifully made, lovely soft leather. Sadly, Goldpfeil bit the dust some years ago and is now just a name brand stuck onto some leather goods not made in Germany and not related to the original. I loved my bag so much that I actually bought a second bag and it’s sat here all this time, I’ve never even taken the padding material out.

The new bag next to my daily driver

I suppose that someone else should own it. If you’re an actual Contax lover and bag lover and want to buy it, get in touch.

Looking inthe strap has never been attached to its hooks.

Contax | Tuesday, January 1, 2019

8:52 PM

If you are buying #Contax gear, be aware that nearly all the cases and straps are terrible, the edgings go very sticky, break down and end up on your kit. You may ne able to help by using isopropyl alcohol before things go bad, but this stuff is already pretty old. Leather. Stick with #leather. #cameras #buyersguide #vintagecamera

billingham550 | Saturday, April 2, 2016

7:40 PM

Belatedly forcing leather balsam into the straps of my intrepid #billingham550 even though it might be too late. Like many brilliantly-made things, it can survive anything but neglect. 25 years old, cost £149 from #Jessops in #Hanley. Still in production at an eye watering £529. Who would pay that much? No use as a #camera bag anymore but a cracking travel companion. #billingham #billinghambag #photography #leather

suede | Wednesday, March 30, 2016

6:03 PM

Awesome. You look all over for someone who can really fix leather and they turn out to be two streets away. Standup job replacing nearly all the stitching on my old blue suede jacket which was falling to bits. Bought in Toronto’s Kensington Market back in 1998 for approximately £15, it was actually made in Canada to boot and well worth saving. £35 to fix, and the guy spent four hours alone on Sunday working on it just so he could do a job he was satisfied with. Motorbike leathers next methinks. Pamir Leather Repair on 38 Page Street SW1. Bloody outstanding. #suede #repair #leather

hobonichi | Wednesday, October 28, 2015

1:50 PM

And this is my current #hobonichi with a 2016 #rosso #leather cover. At the price, I am not going to be buying a new cover every year, people must be crazy if they do. But having used the #technoplanner for a while now, I am definitely sticking with it for years to come, so one cover will suffice.

bag | Saturday, August 22, 2015

11:59 AM

I am a #bag aficionado, ‘tis true. And these are some of best damn #bags in #London #bearabeara Thanks again @beara_beara for sterling #customerservice too. #kingscross opposite one of my favourite secret pubs, not a secret anymore, dammit. #leather #satchel #backpacks #suede #stunning