Contax Carl Zeiss G 45mm

Papadum the Chihuahua makes a subject during a manual focus test of the lens wide open.

contaxg2 | Friday, August 28, 2015

7:16 PM

The #contaxg2 is my favourite ever camera, ergo it is the greatest camera ever made. It’s ridiculously #tactile, made of #titanium, has excellent #AF and a parallax-corrected viewfinder, 4 fps motor drive and, and, and THOSE lenses. The finest lenses ever made for 35mm, including a 16mm #Hologon, and a 21mm #Biogon and 45mm #Planar that are easily best-in-class. Like all heroes, it has a tragic flaw, which is that it’s noisy to focus. But a small matter for such a mighty camera.

Contax | Saturday, August 15, 2015

9:35 PM

Two fantastic cameras, not even as compact cameras, but compared to SLRs. The #Contax #T2 is my current daily rider, as it has a flash and AF for casual snaps, but the #Minox #35ML was my previous pocket camera. The #Zeiss #Sonnar 38mm f2.8 is a pretty unusual lens to have. I would expect a #Biogon or a #Planar, and slightly wider too, but the choice is excellent. Wide enough, very low distortion and the ability to get into the action. The #Minotar is an absolutely incredible lens and the camera is the most discreet thing I’ve ever owned.