Project Basics: The Pharmacy

Goodies from the pharmacy Off-the-shelf drugs are quite cheap here, so I stocked up on the essentials: Loperamide, Anti-malarials, painkillers and earplugs. You can go a long way with just those. The ear plugs are just weird though - they sit just inside your ear and don’t really do much plugging. They might keep dust off, or something. From left to right: Ear plugs, Lapromide, Chloroquine, Paracetamol. Bosh. Extras: sticking plasters and rehydration powder. Loperamide stops cramps and diarrohea and is far cheaper here than in the UK. Chloroquine is the recommended anti-malarial with a combination of Malerone/Proguanil - the first takes care of the Plasmodium Vivax parasite and the second takes care of Falciparium, which causes far nastier symptoms. I remember quite vividly learning about the Plasmodium cycle in Biology class, and am happy to see that the drugs are getting better. Time to start packing the bags. Off tomorrow afternoon.


Vish Vishvanath

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