2020: six days in

#2020: we’re six days in and I’m wondering whether the Mayans were just out by eight years. I had extremely low expectations for this year and just as well. I’m reading other countries’ news websites to get a better perspective on things and it works. In the meantime, here are some facepalms taken during the #Shhh series that currently serve as error images on my website. #facepalm #doh

The Bomba

Not a coffee-drinker, bur caffeine is often useful, so I’ve been working my way through energy drinks through Central America. This is the first one worth mentioning, and you can see why. A regional Red-Bull like drink which tastes similar. Love the bottle and ring-pull.

My Lovely Goat

The brunette buys a goat. $100. She was trying to save it from the chop. Precisely how we were going to help matters remains unknown.