MORALE | Friday, October 30, 2020

9:09 PM

#MORALE: it is sad to see America in such a state, given the lofty-ideals we were once used to hearing, but, as Wallace Shawn pointed out a few days ago, for many, both in the USA and far away, America has not been good, and “the face of America has always and forever been the face of Donald Trump.” The electoral college ensures a lot of focus on swing states, as narrow gains there can override big margins elsewhere. The EC could do with some reforms, but abolishing it could break federalism too. It does some things well: it discourages fraud, surprisingly, although new ways of committing fraud are always found. It does stop tiny mandates caused by dozens of candidates, although that might not be a bad idea. And it does force candidates to pay attention to more places and not just dense urban areas. One good thing is that losing the popular vote but still being President means that one cannot legitimately claim to speak for the people, an unusual but interesting check/balance. #uselection2020


Vish Vishvanath

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