LEGENDS | Thursday, November 16, 2023

1:09 AM

#LEGENDS: on Saturday night, I was at my friend Glyn Secker’s 80th Birthday Party, and pretty much everyone had come from the protest earlier in the day calling for a ceasefire. Glyn and Naomi also in the picture are two members of JVL - Jewish Voice for Labour - providing a place for Jewish members who didn’t feel comfortable in the sock puppet JML group, and have since both been kicked out of the Labour Party. In fact the whole committee of JVL was kicked out. Peace activists for longer than I’ve been alive, defenders of all people, facing a Labour Party who thinks they and all like them have no place there. Over 12,000 people dead in Gaza and Labour cannot bring themselves to support a ceasefire. An entirely useless, pathetic, rotten from the inside party. What did we ever do to get a cruel and incompetent government and an opposition that is just a reflection of the Tories. Happy Birthday Glyn, love ya mate, all of you are an inspiration. Sorry about the Labour Party.


Vish Vishvanath

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