AUTUMN | Sunday, October 29, 2023

2:26 PM

#AUTUMN: I live on an especially beautiful road, but one must look up, and this seems like a good time to shoot some #infrared and see what you normally cannot. #trees #fall #canon24105

AUTUMN | Thursday, October 20, 2022

12:49 AM

#AUTUMN: #Hamburg is quite beautiful, instead of the many parks we have in London, the entire city is lined with trees. The parkland at #PlantenUnBlomen is particularly well-kept, the Japanese garden only augmenting it rather than being a highlight. The (largest in Germany) open-air ice rink should be coming soon, and then there’s a bit of a fight to turn it back into a giant #rollerskate park from April to September, as the new surface isn’t skate-friendly… #Germany #park #leicapower #summilux

LOOKUP | Sunday, October 25, 2020

8:39 PM

#LOOKUP: like a complete muppet, I forgot the single battery for my camera on the charger at home, so I was pointlessly carrying it around like an idiot, and instead having to use my phone. On top of this, I was wearing my contact lenses which means I can’t focus on anything properly within about six feet, and right up close is a total blur. This isn’t a problem with the camera, because it has a little diopter correction knob to adjust the viewfinder, but I’m waving the phone around like a fly fishing rod, hoping I’ve got the shot. Luckily, at Virginia Water in the autumn, one can point and click at random and everything is just stunning. Note to self: carry backup camera. #lockdownwalks #autumn #stircrazy

VELVIA | Sunday, October 25, 2020

4:26 PM

#VELVIA: you don’t have to be staring at nature’s beauty to reap its benefits, but there are advantages. #autumn #virginiawater #mentalhealth

BREATHE | Sunday, October 25, 2020

4:22 PM

#BREATHE: yes, I live in the greenest place ever, squished between the river and the park, but sometimes you have to get away to encourage a longer walk. I think I would enjoy living by the sea, I’ve always loved being in #Pondicherry and walking to the ocean, but the river is more human-scale and practical, I wish boats were slightly cheaper, though. #lake #virginiawater #autumn

STIRCRAZY | Sunday, October 25, 2020

4:14 PM

#STIRCRAZY: it doesn’t matter how creative you are, how big your Netflix/Spotify/Bandcamp wish list is, or how many books you have to read, the body just needs to move sometimes and experience the great outdoors. A glimpse of decent weather and we were out like a shot. #autumn #virginiawater #cascades #waterfall