LOOKUP | Sunday, October 25, 2020

8:39 PM

#LOOKUP: like a complete muppet, I forgot the single battery for my camera on the charger at home, so I was pointlessly carrying it around like an idiot, and instead having to use my phone. On top of this, I was wearing my contact lenses which means I can’t focus on anything properly within about six feet, and right up close is a total blur. This isn’t a problem with the camera, because it has a little diopter correction knob to adjust the viewfinder, but I’m waving the phone around like a fly fishing rod, hoping I’ve got the shot. Luckily, at Virginia Water in the autumn, one can point and click at random and everything is just stunning. Note to self: carry backup camera. #lockdownwalks #autumn #stircrazy


Vish Vishvanath

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