Lotus Carltons, plural | Friday, May 19, 2017

7:14 AM

A pair of #Lotus #Carltons, brilliant! Except that the one of the right was very tatty inside. Nice to be used, a legendary motor but they’re showing their age now :) #car #performance

Broke a bush

Looks like we took out a nearside lower bush on the car while driving on Baja’s worst road. Ah well, better it goes now than in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, found a nail AND a screw in the offside front tyre. No love for the front end today. Luckily Nico Lopez appears to be a top, top man.

Heading North: shopping

I’m sitting in Nico’s battered Nissan Pathfinder, must be mid-1980’s spec, heading up highway 1 back towards Guerreo Negro. Whether we’ll stop there, I don’t know, but we need a new lower wishbone mount, which is definately *malo* moving quite freely and smoothly, exactly the opposite of what it should doing. A new tyre on top of that, and refilling the two petrol cans completes the list.