porsche911 | Wednesday, February 24, 2016

12:32 AM

This looked very exciting at first, 1983 #porsche911 but on closer inspection I think it’s just been butchered. Any one know? #Porsche #cars #london

Ball joint + Shock Absorber

Well the offending ball joint has been replaced with a less offensive one, but the shock absorber looks and sounds buggered, too. It’s not a stressed point, though, not in the same way as the joint, so I’m slightly more relaxed about replacing it: time to turn the music up if it bothers me. I’m now filthy, having watched the stupid mechanic dislocate the driveshaft from the CV joint, allow the brake pipe to take the entire weight of the shaft + brake + hub, and fumble about trying get ge shaft back in. Anyway, time for a shower and a nap.

Nico Lopez, mechanic

I respect a man who takes his carbs apart in the rain. Some fuel problem stopping us leaving the parts store and going back to fix our car. I initially thought it was fuel evaporation, priming the carbs by hand - Nico sucked some fuel into a pipe and dribbled it in - but it fails to carry on running. Hmm. Nico’s wife in red there.