CONTAX167MT | Thursday, October 27, 2022

1:38 PM

#CONTAX167MT: another camera restored to active duty using the simple tools of a penknife and a glass fibre pencil. I dumped a stack of films into @khrome_hamburg and they have a beautiful collection of film cameras which inspired me to get my rest and gear and either make this work or give up. Small, light, simple and all worth it to experience the beauty of Carl Zeiss lenses. #contax #yashica #carlzeiss #japan #filmphotography #analoguephotography #analogphotography #slr #167mt

BRONICA | Saturday, June 19, 2021

10:10 PM

#BRONICA: I suggested my old classmate @kitryallphotography looked at an #ETRSi to replace her beloved #Pentax645, which prompted me to dig mine out, which led to another repair. Really it was an adjustment, as mechanical cameras often require (and all #Leica rangefinders, which are hopeless), and the mechanics are designed with this in mind. @jonnyleephotography gave me this winder, and the long pin in view simply needs to be at the exact right spot to trigger the shutter. Simple tweaks but without the correct JIS screwdriver head, you’ll make a right mess getting in. The levers also seize up after several decades, so maintenance is required, but it does mean that these brilliant cameras are also cheap as chips. There’s an AEII finder for this going for £39 in the Uk right now. You could have a full set up with the grip for less than £400 if you hunted around, I reckon. A lot of advertising photographers used these back in the day, fantastic cameras and great lenses. #mediumformat #zenzabronica #filmphotography

VELVIA | Saturday, October 31, 2020

9:51 PM

#VELVIA: before the 2005 trip to #India, I was there in 2001, and still shooting film. Contax for B+W, Nikon for colour, and I think every photographer of that era must miss #Fuji Velvia. This is a straight high-res scan I found in the archives, and I’d hoped I’d see this image again someday. There’s some places you just can’t reach with a digital camera. #flowers #filmphotography

FILM | Saturday, February 15, 2020

4:12 PM

#FILM: The Vish Photographic Rescue and Salvage operation saves a whole bunch of fabulous kit from the skip. You’ve never even seen #IlfordHP4 220, have you? And these #HP5 135 canisters are sealed! Never seen those before. #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #blackandwhitephotography

film | Tuesday, January 1, 2019

4:26 PM

Ok, I have to get through this pile by spring. Who wants their picture taken? Freebie shoots until this has gone. #film #photography #photoshoot #fuji #ilford #kodak #agfa #35mm #120film #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #trix400

contax | Thursday, December 27, 2018

11:40 PM

I use my old Contax T2 for crappy snapshots to put in the family album, because those are the shots that should be there, but the dial has been dodgy for years. I figured I would pick up a spare one for parts, like I do with all my old cameras, especially Contaxes because the electronics fail. So this £50 camera has turned into a frickin’ £700 camera overnight and I have NO IDEA WHY. The same thing happened to my G2 but luckily I’d picked up spares and parts by then. The guy in Aperture doesn’t understand either. If they break, good luck fixing them. They’re dead without parts. I bought this almost twenty years ago and it was pretty worthless, but a steal. Anyway, it’s a lovely camera and staggeringly simple to use, if anyone wants to borrow it to try out, let me know! #contax #contaxt2 #filmphotography #compactcamera #t2 #film

Emofin | Sunday, December 2, 2018

11:43 AM

Amazing. The #Emofin 2-bath developer I bought sometime in 1995-ish. Incredible developer for film, pretty much automatic. Gives a flat negative sometimes but the richness of the picture is extraordinary. £6.52 then, quite expensive. A legendary formula, now unavailable, I wonder if I shall ever use it… #filmphotography #darkroom #tetenal #twobath #developer

1998 | Sunday, December 2, 2018

11:39 AM

Just found the powdered dev/fix I bought in Toronto back in #1998. Probably still good. #d76 #fixer #kodak #filmphotography #darkroom #developer #fixer

tri | Saturday, September 19, 2015

10:15 PM

Wow. JP gave me a stash of Tri-X. The old TX400 formula, not the modern 400TX formula. Five rolls worth! #tri-x #kodak #film #photography #filmwasters #filmphotography #35mm