THESHELLGAME | Thursday, September 7, 2023

5:45 PM

#THESHELLGAME: I love watching this classic street short-con, seen guys take ten minutes to make £300 from unsuspecting marks. Cups-and-balls-with-shills-and-cheating, I admire what you can do with a rug, a box and three matchboxes, all completely innocent, officer. TOP TIP: if you ever see a guy holding the cash, it’s because it helps to hide the sleight-of-hand - a magician mate explained this to me. #london #shortcon #streetgambling #bricklane

BLACKMANSSHOES | Thursday, September 7, 2023

9:32 AM

#BLACKMANSSHOES: sad to report that the shop is no longer operating - they refused to sell online for decades but have had to capitulate and finally switched from store to website. Cheshire Street has been scrubbed up nicely, been a long time since MME Motorcycles operated out of a poky garage in Grimsby Street, or a Ukulele Shop could find it more affordable than Hanbury Street… #london #bricklane

THECITY | Thursday, September 7, 2023

12:45 AM

#THECITY: it’s 9pm on a Friday in November 2008, we’re a month-and-a-half from Lehman Brothers collapsing and everyone is still nervous as hell about the global financial crisis. They could care less about another photographer. #london #bankofengland

MIMESKATE | Tuesday, June 20, 2023

9:49 AM

#MIMESKATE: that time after I cut all my hair off and was persuaded to join the gang to film a little video around town, seen here in Walker’s Court, Soho, August 2005, about a year after the Raymond Revuebar closed. #skate #mime #london #sohofarmhouse

Watch repairer, Kensington Market, approx 1994

I’d been going to Kensington Market since I was a teenager, like everyone else, picking up cheap clothes and having terrible fashion sense, but it was a fun place to wander around with your mates on a Saturday. As I got older and picked up a camera when I was eighteen, my bubble extended another metre and I started to notice the world.

Kensington Market, London

Rummaging through my negatives, I found this picture, one of two, taken in approximately 1994 of a stall-holder with his fascinating stall who was just inside the market, very close to one of the entrances. I have no idea of his name or stall’s name, and of course, the market closed exactly twenty-three years ago today on 29 January 2000. Stupid owners. There was no reprieve and the place was demolished a year later. A PC World opened up instead. Honestly, the worst kind of know-nothing overpriced box-pushers, a war crime. Some stalls apparently moved to a new location on Queensway, but that place was filled with junk and tat and I remain heartbroken for the Kensington Market workers, shoppers and future kids that would never be able to go there. Markets are so fundamental to a society that they should have special protection.

SEQUINSKATE | Monday, July 18, 2022

7:02 PM

#SEQUINSKATE: it happened, mainly thanks to @conroybryony lending me her hotpants and @saffstickles pinning them to my actual pants, additional support from @sparkyspx, @lolainlondon and @brian_beaver, and general good vibes from everyone on the Sunday Stroll team. I’m 48½ and this is NOT happening again. Over £1100 raised for @sheltercharity [ [ LINK IN BIO ] ] and I have a slightly more positive body image of myself, which was completely unexpected, so there’s a tale for @_bodygossip. Shortish skate, 9 miles in the heat, but great tunes from @steve.brown.58323431 and big shout to #Northops for setting the challenge, creating the fundraiser, raising most of the cash in minutes, and being the most prestigious tech community around. Join them on Slack! #skate #charity #hotpants #london

HOTTERTHANJULY | Sunday, July 10, 2022

1:53 PM

#HOTTERTHANJULY: the glorious crew at #Northops have raised over £1000 for @sheltercharity if I #skate through #London on the #SundayStroll wearing these - and we are in for next Sunday, weather will be 33℃, and while nobody needs to see a middle-aged man doing this, at least I don’t have to worry about being cold. #HotPants #sequins #rosabloom - borrowed from @conroybryony and being fitted by @saffstickles - so I’d better not fall over… #shelter #endhomelessness

GUNSNROSES | Friday, July 1, 2022

10:00 PM

#GUNSNROSES: dragged there by @cj.moore2018 who found a loophole in my policy against gigs by artists over the age of 50 by buying the ticket himself. A fine time was had despite the complete and utter fuckery at the stadium. My third stadium gig since 1988. Also: good grief, #Slash is phenomenal. Lovely crowd, unexpectedly nice and polite everywhere. Was not expecting that. 👍🏽👍🏽 #gig #london

STVINCENT | Wednesday, June 29, 2022

10:14 PM

#STVINCENT: as the Berlin gig was canned, I hastily bought the last standing ticket on Saturday night, and got in early to bag a decent spot. Never disappointing watching Annie becoming St Vincent with a band this good not seen since Prince used to ply his trade, and constant entertainment on stage from the cheerleader serving drinks to the band and generally being a delight. Annie Clark is a genius. #gig #london