Bye byee Hawai'i

Sitting at Kona airport, hoping we’ll get on the next flight to San Francisco. Love Hawai’i, but we’re running out of cash and there’s cars to be sold, people to see and lives to return to.

Waiting for a ride

Attempting to catch the afternoon light in the Canyon. Boats won’t leave until full. And the operators are lying, yes, lying, about how many people they have already.

Leaving Antigua

Heading out of the hostel and flying off to Cuba via Panama. Antigua is a nice place, but one too many Aussies screeching Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of. How appropriate.

Angangueo: Simon's Restaurant

The news was quite clear: Angangueo was hit by a severe storm and mudslides caused the entire town to be washed away, evacuated and the residents refused to return. The town is alive and well, despite the damage and loss of life, and Simon’s Restaurant is still here. There is considerable damage as you head north out of town, with whole sections of land cut off and isolated, but the locals are carrying on.

Coup d'Tat

Breakfast at a cafe/tienda, stacked with figures, mugs, bowls, plates and a complete Nativity scene.

To Mazatlan

On the ferry “Chihuahua Star” for the next 14 hours, heading for the Mexican mainland. Jungles, ruins, rainforests and await.