#SPOTTHEPEACOCK: never would have thought a #peacock could walk past almost undetected. #wildlife #forest #hawaii

Athena Stevens and the Scrounger play

#SCROUNGER: met up with #AthenaStevens after her latest @scroungerplay to talk about the life-changing powers of an #Olivier nomination, the state of the #theatre industry and opportunities for writers and disabled creatives. Great conversation derailed slightly by floods of football fans - i should have checked that Chelsea were playing at home… to be continued, full article soon. #londontheatre #olivierawards #playwright #director #actor

2020: six days in

#2020: we’re six days in and I’m wondering whether the Mayans were just out by eight years. I had extremely low expectations for this year and just as well. I’m reading other countries’ news websites to get a better perspective on things and it works. In the meantime, here are some facepalms taken during the #Shhh series that currently serve as error images on my website. #facepalm #doh

Miles Davis and The Who on Vinyl

#VINYL: two excellent birthday presents, one deferred until today. Stunning #MilesDavis session and the new #TheWho album signed by Mr Townshend @yaggerdang at our brilliant local record shop @sleeve_notes_records (I turned up early this morning to bag a copy). Both recommended. I cannot believe how good the Miles Davis is, in fact, previously only available on CD on the Complete In A Silent Way Sessions - which I may have to get now… #music #jazz #rock

Ruth Rogers and Natasha Devon: Body Gossip

Ruth and Natasha in their Body Gossip t-shirts

Ruth Rogers and Natasha Devon have never stopped campaigning

#BODYGOSSIP: two legends Ruth and Natasha, campaigning on body image issues and mental health. Ruth continues the fight from The Canvas Café off Brick Lane if you’ve not been. I remain gobsmacked by the amount of plastic and cosmetic surgery all over Instagram, and the people who risk it. Natasha was made an MBE for her efforts some time ago, and is to be found here.