THEROADAHEAD | Wednesday, October 21, 2020

8:16 PM

#THEROADAHEAD: I am glad that I had a chance to be carefree and experience the world, even if that time feels impossibly long ago. While frivolous travel by air and road is wrapped in guilt now, travel and migration is basically the story of the human race. It’s what we do. #travel #mexico #foto8 #hostgallery

Leon | Sunday, February 24, 2019

8:09 PM

Hello @peta, I can see where you’re coming from but I think you’re running at a net loss for the cause of animals. Still, keep on trollin’. Some boots from @cuadralifestyle in Mexico, bought from #Leon back in 2010. Snakeskin and Deerskin. Lovely. #boots #cowboyboots #cuadraboots #mexico

BajaCalifornia | Monday, June 19, 2017

7:15 PM

Some of the best memories of my life involve driving through #BajaCalifornia and discovering #Mexican beers which were perfect for the climate. Well, it’s just about the same right now in London! #modelo #mexico🇲🇽

Playa del Carmen: Party Time

It’s just off-season, which makes it a little easier to hang out here. Pilot Pete has just arrived with cigars and his party shirt…

Waiting for a ride

Attempting to catch the afternoon light in the Canyon. Boats won’t leave until full. And the operators are lying, yes, lying, about how many people they have already.

Random Stranger's 16th birthday party

The band were great, we heard them all the way down the street, wanted to investigate. Cheap beer, even got some cake. Top night. And there was no tall guy standing in front of me, blocking the view.