IANBOWDEN | Thursday, August 3, 2023

9:29 PM

#IANBOWDEN: Ian Bowden passed away on Tuesday 1 August 2023, and I’m shocked and devastated that he’s gone. Richmond MakerLab and the wider community will miss this modest, kindly, infinitely helpful man who connected people and improved everything he could. I have great memories of chats with him, seeing the inventions he came up with to entertain people, him coming to help me repair a lady’s curtain rail, asking and trusting me to remove and refit a door and its frame despite never having done any such thing in my life, and I’m sure everyone down Richmond way will have hundreds of similar memories. A huge loss, but I’m glad to have known him for the few years I did. Rest In Peace, Ian, I’m sorry you won’t get to see the redevelopment of Ham Close and the brand-new MakerLab space that you did so much to champion and marshal. #richmond #legend #makerlab #inventor

BACKGARDEN | Tuesday, August 9, 2022

9:35 PM

#BACKGARDEN: I’ve decided that the back garden is finished. Great weekend with various friends popping over, but it will soon be enjoyed by others… but not sure if they’ll look after it quite as well 😆 #brexit #garden #england #richmond

LOCALELECTIONS2022 | Thursday, May 5, 2022

5:20 PM

#LOCALELECTIONS2022: Julian. The #Conservative teller at the Richmond Annexe this afternoon. We had a nice chat about Wisteria. #richmond #ukelections

RICHMONDPARK | Monday, November 29, 2021

1:12 AM

#RICHMONDPARK: for someone unencumbered with mass, I have a lot of static inertia when in bed or on sofa, but I staggered into the park for the time in ages, hoping the cold would deter the lukewarm Insta crowd - it did - and the deer were so relaxed I didn’t spot them until I was almost among them. I am not a fan of zoom lenses, quite the opposite, but I concede that modern cameras makes their lack of speed irrelevant. And modern software fixes their compromises perfectly. #canon #5d4 #deer #landscapephotography #richmond #visitrichmond

PROGRESS | Saturday, February 27, 2021

9:21 PM

#PROGRESS: we returned with wire cutters and stripped the tree of the bit of fence that had been wrapped around it - previously used by people sleeping in it. I do not begrudge anyone a spot to sleep off the ground, especially an area prone to flood, but this was getting spiky. We trimmed it and added it to the den. Junior also found a ripped tent that had been discarded and a swimming kickboard thing which we tied and hung to provide some shelter. Thank goodness for the humble Swiss Army knife. A good few hours work away from comics, iPads and being cooped up. #den #richmond #leicaq2 #leica #growingup

DEN | Friday, February 26, 2021

10:22 PM

#DEN: bordering Princess Loewenstein’s beautiful Petersham Lodge lies a little patch of woods which is perfect for den-building, especially when the light floods it in the afternoon. #richmond #thames #petersham #leica #leicaq2

STICKS | Sunday, February 21, 2021

4:31 PM

#STICKS: thankfully the mud has lessened and the local volunteers have been out putting wood chips on the worst bits. Nice light this afternoon. #woods #Richmond