A Journey Through The Lens

A Journey Through The Lens

The image above is a particularly cool section of the Transfăgărășan, a frequently nasty mountain road that crosses Romania. The dot on the road in the far distance on the right, just past the bend, is my pal on his motorbike.

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Documentary Photographer, Writer, Rollerskater, Gig-Goer, Theatre Lover and Enthusiast Coder, that’s me.

I like motorbiking, origami, guitars, drum machines and a vast pile of unread books – and all those things feature here.


Future Boxing Champions of Cuba

Future Boxing Champions of Cuba



Mexican Territory

Mexican Territory


[x] Canon 5D II
[x] Leica Q2
[x] Contax G Guide Part 1
[x] Contax G Guide Part 2: A Visual Guide to the G2
[x] Canon AE-1 Program

Archives from Camera Magazin, 1922-1981

1976, May: Oren Schmuckler - The Palestinians

Oren Schmuckler: The Palestinians

Reviews In Progress:

[ ] Canon 5D IV
[ ] Canon 1DX
[ ] Canon T90
[ ] Yashicamat 124G
[ ] Leica M9 - TLDR: awful
[ ] Nikon F2AS
[ ] Nikon F3
[ ] Nikon FE2
[ ] Nikon F90X
[ ] Nikon D1X
[ ] Pentax 645Z
[ ] Rollei SL66

A Journey Through The Lens



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